Fruit Crate Labels! The 1880s marked the advent of coast-to-coast produce shipments thanks to the Transcontinental Railroad. This development gave rise to a unique form of advertising art known as fruit crate labels. These captivating collectible masterpieces were crafted by commercial artists employed in the advertising and printing industries of yesteryears. They harnessed diverse, iconic imagery to allure the public into purchasing their products. Originally designed to adorn the ends of crates, these Fruit Crate Labels have become coveted originals, having missed their intended paste-and-crate destiny. If you're an aficionado of antique art or treasure lithographic prints of yore, you'll find immense pleasure in perusing our extensive inventory of original fruit crate labels, antique seed packets, and obsolete can labels. Immerse yourself in the exquisite beauty brought to life through the lithographic printing techniques of a bygone era.

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